to-do today

  • get up and shower
  • print all the things I need to print
  • fill in dbs form
  • go to docs appt
  • go to school to hand in dbs form
  • short shopping trip? *I want to get materials to make a lot of those Christmas tree cards
  • job apps
  • edit newsletter
  • dinner
  • Brownies prep
  • Brownies

+ as much reading as possible




YouTubers And Sexual Abuse (via TheThirdPew)

Yo, this kid is only 17 and has more sense than the average victim blaming adult. Why didn’t I know people like him in high school?

"When the bar has been set so low for being a youtuber that I just don’t want them to rape other people, there’s definitely something wrong."

Second Christmas craft! (Yay Guiding!)

Second Christmas craft! (Yay Guiding!)


That post of Kayley’s reminded me of when he read out an email to the room (the evening I was at his first flat so I think it was just me and Charlie listening) that was to Kayley about hanging out with Lex (this was before she came over to study I think) and it being super critical and like a ‘warning’ about drinking culture etc. (Very snide considering they were supposed to be friends.)
And omg it was so weird that I was consulted seeing as I didn’t know either of them in person so I just awkwardly said that I guess if that’s what he wanted to say…

Uhh what a weird memory to be triggered.

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First Christmas Craft of the year! (Plans for this to be my Christmas card this year so put your order in now!) #DivisionMeeting

First Christmas Craft of the year! (Plans for this to be my Christmas card this year so put your order in now!) #DivisionMeeting



remember that time a popular youtuber (whom I’d already had an emotionally manipulative & sexually abusive relationship with) wrote really vulgar, inappropriate slash fanfiction about my friends and I under a false name

and then revealed to me that he had written at 7am while…

What a horrible vile thing of a human.



Art Assignment #10

Make a rug

My grandmother was a hoarder. But mum threw out most of the old fabric. So I used her wool to make a blanket instead.

I was thinking about the concept of randomness. How all natural things came into being unpredictably and without intension. Yet human observation has found a way to categorise and sort the randomness into patterns. We knot things together as though they used the same stitch when made, the same finger knitting technique for the same arbitrary shape. And if I had picked the wool out of the bag in a truly random way it would have looked - to us - like a design, like a predetermined order. And I wanted to avoid that.

So this blanket is formed out of intensional disorder. The strict regime I set myself had one rule: no repetition.

Despite this rule, it’s the same knot over and over again in a (mostly) uniform circle, spiralling outwards. I still carefully selected only acrylic wool. And when I take it out of the house, I am repeatedly asked the same question: “How long did it take?” and I repeatedly answer the same way: “An inadvisable amount of time, but not as long as you’d think.”

I feel like Schoenberg. His attempt to reinvent music through 12-tone melodies had the same strict ruling: no repetition. Yet if he wanted his music to resonate with audiences he still had to be confined by the standard metre, the standard note values and the standard instrumentation. The same sentimentally meaningless shapes, imbued with the creator’s own sentimental meaning.

Most of the wool was found around my house, some of it found in opportunity shops for 60c a ball and some of it was graciously given to me by friends. The white circle used to be an itchy cardigan that belonged to my mum. And the multicoloured pink wool was left over from a hat my Nana made for me.

Q: “How big are you gonna make it?”

A: “How long is a piece of string?” 

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Welcome! Lindsey here. So here’s the deal. A million years ago, my friend Ziggy (or Chloe, as the rest of the world calls her) and I decided to have a month where we desperately tried to catch up on our huge to-read lists. We held it in October for two years, and…

I’ve decided to take part!

For the last two months I’ve not been reading while traveling because
a) I’m one book away from my 50 for the year good reads challenge and I don’t want to over do it for increasing the challenge next year
b) I’ve listened to 3 years worth of Wittertainment podcasts instead. That’s probably close to 150 hours…

For all of October I’m going to be commuting to my placement so I’m going to convert my travel time back to book consumption.

First post will be formatted before bed tonight or early tomorrow.


I didn’t decide fully this morning though so I’ve already missed out on some reading!

Oh well, maybe I’ll make it through a few books from all those storybundles this month… :D